I’m sure by now everyone is in a holi-daze from running around…shopping, baking wrapping, decorating…I know I am! With the combo of preparing for Christmas and my trip, I’m just ready for it all to be over.

But what better way to treat yourself that by snagging up some of those Christmas shopping deals for yourself. I’m taking full advantage of the super duper deals right now on some of my favorite designers and brands that are normally priced out for me. I’m also generally allergic to paying full price for anything. My current favorite designer is Alexander Wang and i regularly stock eBay and Nordstrom Rack for a good deal on his gear. A couple times a year his main collection go on sale on his Website. Currently the 60% off Fall 2016 is happening and I’m snatching up a couple things i had my eye on for awhile.

I’ve been in love with this T by Alexander Wang bodysuit for quite sometime and its finally on sale in the Maroon color. I’m planning on wearing it to a Persian themed event I’m planning in February here at the Museum.



I’m dying for this splatter dress for an upcoming dinner event, but the clearance price is still over budget :(. There is always eBay…


I’m also a huge fan of DKNY and what they have done with the brand over the last couple years thanks to the new direction by Public School’s Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow. There’s now a street style edge meets preppy schoolgirl that I’m drueling over. They currently have an additional 30% off all sale items through Jan 1 and I’m taking full advantage.

I mentioned my love of their Trey slip-on before and I snagged the oxblood ombre pair for a steal.


I’m also a sucker for a tailored jumpsuit or romper and this Working Girl fabulous notch collar jumpsuit tickles my ribs.


So get online and get yourself a Christmas treat!


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