It’s New York fashion week and I love stalking the Vogue Runway app for coverage of all the shows. But the only show I make sure to watch live every season is Alecander Wang, who is by far my favorite designer of all time. I’ve been a fan since day one and every season my love grows. The Fall 2017 show didn’t disappoint. With a healthy showing of black and hardware that I’ve come to expect from AW, the drama was certainly there with pulsating music and strobed lighting. While I didn’t find this collection to be as groundbreaking as some past shows, there were plenty of exciting high points with fresh silhouettes along with punched up basics I can see edgy girls wearing on the daily. Here were my favorite pieces:



These two looks were my favorite of the all black set. They weren’t layered, but really standout as individual pieces. The jumpsuit is a silhouette I’ve never seen. Such a gorgeous feminine neckline on a strong catsuit style silhouettes. The dress just look effortless and easy to wear with still the edge I crave.


I’m really not an fan of a basic trouser but I love pants. This is really more of how I see wanting to wear pants on a daily basis.  This is just one example of the slew of fantastic fitted pants in this show. Just so good!


There was  a brief break in the black to show a few looks of all grey. It was mostly in this basic glen plaid, which could have been really boring, but something about the monochrome use of pattern through all pieces made the looks really strong. The glen plaid catsuit under they grey coat with the matching glen plaid lining was by far my favorite look of the whole show. I’m dying to see that jumpsuit on its own.


Tgese two looks with the metal mesh and little bit of bling were so pretty and the location of the embellishments was really unexpected. It read 90s in the best possible way.


And the finale piece doesn’t look as amazing here as it did when it walked. The movement of the metal fringe was incredible.

Overall this show was intense, sexy, edgy and dark with just a little bit of hidden whimsy…just how I like my fall Wang!



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