Baby pink, dusty rose, raspberry, fuschia, blush, millenial pink….whatever your favorite shade and whatever you are calling it, it’s literally everywhere right now. Not having been much of a pink patron in the past, it’s was initially hard to accept this hue that in the past has been synonymous with the frilly girlie girls, Barbie and the “dumb blonde” stereotype. But suddenly my eyes are opened and pink has become the most modern of colors and literally the cast of my generation.


I took this picture this week because it’s literally the only everyday pink item in my wardrobe right now…a men’s pink t-shirt from ASOS. I’m now working on selecting some pink staples to incorporate into my daily wardrobe. This will probably be the first season I’m wearing this shade regularly since I was 10 years old.  It’s been all over the runways, but I wanted to share the best places to get the best affordable and fashionable pink pieces right now.

I know I talked about Zara in my last post, but they are killing it in the pink department also. Surprisingly the slew of Chiquita-Banana-like ruffle pieces they are carrying are my favorite. Who am I?? And the pink platform mules are a statement piece that’s hard to pass up.


Topshop has got what’s being called #millenialpink down to a science. Supposedly the color of the most influential generation ever, its being used everywhere from fashion to house décor, to ad campaigns of all kinds. The pink fur collar on this leather jacket is everything…and I don’t know where I would have the occasion to wear pink vinyl jeans but I might want to find a place. They even imported some pink Adidas pieces on their site that are making my day.


J Brand Jeans recently launched a vivid brights collection that includes a highlighter neon pink called guava thats great. I’m digging the high rise skinnies and the jean short & jean jacket combo is deliciously 90s.

Even my favorite Alexander Wang has gotten on the pink bandwagon. My go-to for black and gray has created some of his newer cuts in the most sultry naked blush and dusty rose as well as some lingerie inspired pieces incorporating a neon coral pink.



I’m even tempted to add touches of pink to my home decor with items like these pillows from Anthropologie or this chair and Mongolian rug from World Market.

I might be going pink nutty now. Time to take off my rose colored glasses for now.



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