There is something about New York Fashion week in September that really gets me Jonesing for Fall..and Fall Fashion. This blistering and unwavering SoCal heat has also certainly got me craving the brisk fall temps. This particular season change represents more that just weather to me though.  It feels like a second beginning to the year in a lot of ways. School is back in session, the holidays are scary close and it’s time to put away those shorts and tanks and break out the coats and boots from the back closet. Every year I pull out last year’s layering clothes and take inventory. I usually end up with a small pile for trading/selling and decide which are still going to stay in rotation this year. I love the hunt for the replacement items for the new season..particularly BOOTS. I literally live in boots all Fall and Winter and stretch it out as long as possible through early Spring. I mourn a little when it gets too hot and my piggies need to be set free.


This OOTD is literally me willing fall to come as I stare directly into the summer sun. Its 9:00 am and already almost 90 degrees and although my lightweight Kate Spade cutout dress is no fall piece, I’m still pairing it with my first Fall 2017 purchase; A gorgeous pair of studded ankle boots. I had been doing research on the boot trends for Fall and studded boots are everywhere and my favorite of all . They were of course first on my purchase list. I chose to go full boot coverage stud in these Rebecca Minkoff Sierra stud booties.


I’m so in love with them, but there were many tempting options in various heights and amounts of stud. I’m obsessed with these Alexander Wang Kori studded booties with larger full coverage studs. I also found these similar but way better priced Topshop Alec studded boots.


On the more subtle side, I really liked the boots with just the rim of studs around the sole. Rag & bone makes stunning footwear and these Willow stud booties are no exception. I also found these Pretty Little things studded boots on ASOS that are very similar and super well priced.


I’m hoping my boots making their appearance early will  bring Fall swiftly on my heels. More details on the rest of this OOTD look below.




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