Polychrome means painted in many colors. Everyone sees the world differently and I see it as a brightly painted rainbow of colored opulent splendor.

My name is Sarah and I am from San Diego, California. I’m an event designer by trade for the local art museum. I have a bachelors degree in studio art and have been around art, artists and museums my whole life. Planning events that bring people in to experience and celebrate art has been a pure joy in my life.  If art is my first love; fashion is a close second. I study fashion magazines as if there will be a test and my favorite designers are my closest allies as they clothe me in my armor for my daily mêlée through life.



This is my husband Matt and I when I was pregnant with our Daughter Chloe. We have been together almost 14 years and I consider myself lucky to have a such a strong and dependable man by my side every day.


This is our darling blue-eyed baby Chloe. She will be 7 months old next week. I’m already trying to assert my fashion will on her. I’m taking advantage of this time before the inevitable requests for tutus, hot pink and Disney garb take over. She’s my precious angel, but my how life has changed…


I couldn’t forget the fuzziest member of family. Our little chihuahua Sammy is the offspring of prize-winning show chihuahua’s however he is “special” so he didn’t make the cut on the show circuit…we adopted him and we love him so much anyway. He has deemed himself the full-time protector of the baby and I anticipate them being great friends as she grows.


I have always wanted to author a style blog and i’m finally realizing this aspiration. I plan to keep it real and i hope I inspire and/or amuse at least a few. I hope to hear from you about your thoughts, hopes and dreams. Come on this technicolor journey with me.


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