We are currently on the first leg of our Northern Arizona trip. We had one night in Las Vegas before we headed out, and not really being interested in spending time on the strip, we took the chance to visit The Neon Museum and learn a bit about Vegas history and check out these vintage pieces of noble gas art.



The scale of a lot of the neon signs was impressive and the eclectic layout of the boneyard offered some stunning photo opportunities.




It was quite chilly and I took the opportunity to wear my multicolored fox fur earmuffs and my Rag & Bone black and white speckled wool jacket. I also acquired my own piece of neon sign flare from the gift store to commemorate the trip.




I thought the museum did a really fantastic job of grouping the signs by era to show how sign styles have changed over the decades. The tour also injected interesting fun facts about vegas history and how neon signs are made.



Such a unique place where artistic beauty and kitsch meet. Make sure to add it to the itinerary when your next in Vegas.





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