I have a pretty sincere obsession with coats and have a pretty robust collection for someone living in one of the consistently warmest places in the continental United States. It affords me little time in fall and winter to sport them, although that somehow does not deter me from adding to my collection every year. I actually tend to start my coat hunting in mid-summer as I found that to be a pretty good time to find affordable coats at my favorite resale shops and on eBay. Very few other than myself are thinking about heavy wool during the 100+ heat waves. And as soon as we started planning our annual winter trip, I kicked it into high gear. We are visiting the national parks in southern Utah this year with a brief stop in Vegas for some art adventures. I actually started this blog one month before last year’s trip when we mostly explored parts of Northern Arizona and Nevada. Last year and I focused mostly on neutral colors and local motifs, but this year is all about contrast.

In general I only purchase statement coats. Since they aren’t a staple of my daily life in San Diego, the brief times that I do get to wear them become opportunities for drama. My coat collection mostly consists of a rainbow of color saturated full length wool coats. I love wool so much and the classic materials and silhouettes paired with the intense hues really speak to me. I was searching for coats on eBay in June and came across a vintage 90’s Calvin Klein bright magenta over sized wool coat. It was so beyond fabulous I purchased it immediately and it has set the mood for the rest of my fall acquisitions and what I’m still searching for. I took a few photos in basically nothing but the coat as it really speaks for itself. I can’t wait to create outfits with it.


Already having quite a few other bright wool coats, I haven’t really been searching for many additional, although I have come across a few in my regular online shopping. Banana Republic created a Fall collection in partnership with Olivia Palermo. In this collection there is a truly fabulous bright red full length wool military coat. The gold detailing really pops against the intense color and this coat would be mine if I didn’t already have two pretty fabulous red wool coats.  Although if I find it on eBay off season for a steal I won’t be able to help myself.


Not really needing more colored wool, I’m now focused on one of the alternate trends for this fall and winter…faux fur. I really  like the look of fur and only will buy real fur if it’s vintage and second hand, but faux fur hasn’t really been in my wardrobe since a bright green faux fur bolero I wore in 2002. There is a slew of color saturated faux fur coats cropping up everywhere for this season. I especially like this Free People Magnolia coat in bright blue.  I particularly love the contrasting patterned lining.


I also really like this lapel coat by Mango. It comes in three colors, but the red and yellow are really  strong. The jeweled one button gives it an old hollywood vintage vibe.


J. Crew has always been one of my go-to’s for coats, and they are  not failing in a classic cut in a bright fur. They were ahead of the trend and this pink one from the  J .Crew Collection season last year is by far my favorite I have seen anywhere, but the similar Yuna coat in blue from the current season is also gorgeous.



I’m pretty bold in my fashion choices and am rarely afraid of an attention-grabbing look, but even though I find them alluring, I’m having trouble summoning  the nerve to rock a full length bright blue faux fur coat. I may be settling for one of these bright faux fur scarves from ASOS as an accent instead. If you have the guts…got for it!

I’m super excited for our upcoming trip where I can utilize and showcase my coats. I love the desert and the natural rich color of the landscape is a real source of inspiration for me and I cant wait to document the majesty here. Stay tuned!

~ SG

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