I’ve had a bit of writers block lately as the new year started out very busy from the get go. With Art Alive season being upon me while understaffed in our department, as well as a slew of family illnesses and extremely busy weekends, I have not had the accurate words to describe anything creative in the depths of my tiredness. I suppose we all get in those ruts where we get stuck in the day to day minutiae. Something’s gotta give right? And it’s usually our extras. The things that don’t pay the bills or fulfill the basic needs of you and your family. It’s the things that feed your soul that get cut…and my soul can only be starved for so long. For a few weeks I haven’t known what to write even though I have had the desire, but then a few opportunities came up that were really exciting. I was approached by a couple of publications to be featured and I thought writing about this would be the perfect way to get back on the blog swing since they both came out in the same week.

A local online publication called SD Voyager contacted me to cover me as a featured interview in their series about local interesting people to meet. It was a fun article and I got to share a lot of photos of my favorite events designs over the past couple years. Check it out here.


This feature was really great, however the one I was the most excited about participating in was San Diego Magazine. They reached out to me in January and asked me to be a Tastemaker in the April issue. A Tastemaker in this sense is basically a local influencer known for a specific style and taste level. They asked me to share about myself but mostly had me select some products that I can’t live without. These were basically things I like to wear or use that I consider my go-to’s. This is something I like to talk about on my blog so it was really great to do it in an official capacity. Below is the feature from the magazine that came out today!

Picture1I got to mention this blog also which is super cool! I’m so happy that this has become a real integrated part of what I am known for.

I always like an excuse for a photoshoot so I had some new photos taken just for this feature and I am super happy with them so I wanted to share more than just the one they selected. Below is a small selection of my favorites taken in my favorite gallery in the Museum by the talented Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers.


These articles mean a lot because it shows that by working hard and pursuing what you are passionate about with integrity, people will take notice. Always be genuine and true to yourself.


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