What can I really say about Bloom Bash? This is the event that consumes my mind all year long. If I was personified as a party…I think this would be me. With my years of experience, I  have the skill as a planner to create a pretty good party with almost any theme, however Bloom Bash is where I get to live out my every event fantasy. Nothing is considered too gaudy, too flashy, or too over the top and I can surround myself with overwhelming, large scale, immersive art installations. That is my party heaven!

The event is known for its multi-color and multi-sensory experiences with the showcasing of up and coming artists at its center. Ramping up for this year, I had my work cut out for me as last year’s all encompassing rainbow centerpiece installation by HOTTEA was such a huge hit and with the addition of an installation but the Journey Project, it was also the first year I showcased two artists instead of just one. This is a party-going crowd that is always hungry for more. More Art! More to do! More to See!

Naturally I had to find some artist work with big presence but not too much like last years’.  I had been seeing these amazing lantern like installations Serge & Yelena of HYBYCOZO all over Instagram and they instantly made me fall in love. The different laser cut patterns of their different sizes of HYBY’s, as they call them, cast their various patterns all around them making the space and people immediately around them as much a part of the art as the work itself.


Our second artist was a close friend of the HYBYCOZO crew and their work ties in perfectly together. We brought out the installation entitled Enunciation by Taylor Dean Harrison and it perfectly balances the other works. Where HYBYCOZO radiates out, Enunciation draws you in. I was a super fan of how it felt to be inside this color changing space.baumanphotographers_2922.jpgBaumanPhotographers_3502BaumanPhotographers_3445BaumanPhotographers_3468BaumanPhotographers_3476

The art is always my favorite part of this event, but the party itself is just rip roaring fun. The JetBlue sponsored nightclub was a blast and we danced forever.



And as always there were an extravagant array of treats from our local restaurant and dessertier partners from all over the city.


I always say this…but I REALLY cannot wait for next year’s Bash.


all Photos by Bauman Photographers

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