I’m so excited to once again share my experience with a traveling exhibition group that has become my favorite event of the year. Wonderspaces partners with artists to deliver artwork to new audiences and travels them to various cites.  Their mission is to “create shared understanding through shared experiences.” I was once again invited to the opening night of Wonderspaces San Diego which is back for their third year with a new show titled “In Common“. Below I share information about and imagery from my 5 favorite art pieces in this year’s show.


RAINBOW ROOMS by Pierre le Riche

Rainbow Rooms recreates a home scene in which the objects are covered with various fabrics and multi-colored yarn. Even the walls themselves are made of woven yarn. The installation reflects the artist’s experience growing up as a gay man in conservative South Africa, and is intended to stimulate a dialogue about identity, exploring struggles of discrimination, acceptance, and masculinity.”  

You all know i’m a sucker for color…ok ok, obsessed with it. Especially when something combines all the colors! This space obviously spoke to me as its basically a rainbow transformed into a combination of house-like rooms. It was pretty great that you could sit and relax on the chairs as well. It really make me want to move in…but in all seriousness, that fact, plus the combination of materials made the art piece feel home-y, accessible, and like you could really become part of it.






EXPERIMENT 2.C by Dan Goods & David Delgado

Experiment 2.C explores various notions of awe for a viewer to experience – a sensation of vastness, an inability to define the surrounding environment, and the feeling of being surrounded by one object with endless variability.”

This installation in particular really took my breath away visually. The simplicity of a moving light and contained water vapor came together in such a magical way it was hard for your brain to comprehend. It felt like being in space above the cloud formations of the earth or in an airplane at the magical moment of a sunset. The nature of the ever changing forms of the vapor made it so every chem the light would cycle through, you had a completely different experience than the previous time. I spent so much time in there taking in the piece my hair got fluffy from the humidity!






The immersive experience emulates constellation in which every person becomes one among the stars. The natural beauty of the universe is evoked to reveal connections between us and the rest of the world that often stay hidden in the plain sight. As visitors move through the galaxy of stars, the light is extruded in their shape, living light trails of their presence across the starscape. Once visitors leave, their trails of light remain in the constellation and are added to the collection of trails that others have left behind.”

This was definitely the installation we had the most fun playing around in. It’s just as interactive as it is beautiful. The diamond-like sparkle of all of the fibers is intoxicating, and the more you jump around the more sparkly it gets. I had to place a video in this section as photos just cant do it justice!




ANIMA by onformative, Nick Verstand & Geert Schaap

ANIMA is a six-foot wide sphere with video projected on its surface, in 360 degrees, from the inside of the sphere. The video consists of abstract fluid-like patterns with a soundtrack of electronically-generated tones. Both the imagery and sound are interactive, reacting to viewers’ position in the room.”

This one was pretty whimsical and so colorful. It turned out really fun to experience in a group. The more people in the room making noise and moving, the more the ball rippled and color-changed. There was some hilarity going on for sure. I jumped right underneath it for some dramatic photos.







Space Here Becomes Sound is an interactive installation which combines kinetic sculpture and sound. Participants rotate a series of metal frames to trigger a variety of sounds associated with spaces of the home. Combining different layers or sequences of sound lets users craft their own soundscape relating to the memory and comfort of home.”

I was really taken by the beauty of the forms themselves and the combination each color had with the various sounds that would echo around you as you move the various pieces. This was definitely one of the more delicate installation and used sound in one of the most thoughtful ways.


It was another magical year at Wonderspaces. Each year seems to get better and better. not only the caliber of the pieces, but the polish of the presentation and the combination of pieces chosen.  DO NOT miss the show this year. You will no doubt be inspired and full of Wonder!

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