I’m not sure what everyone misses most during this time of closures, but for me its art. When the Museum I work at closed temporarily mid-March, I had no idea we would be closed 4 months and counting. Although its “the office” if you will, I never realized how much inspiration I find just going to the building every day…being around my fellow Museum staff all sharing and working towards a common goal. Being able to go into the galleries at any time and gain perspective and vision for my projects. I took it all for granted…especially just being able to be in close proximity to the art. Even though the Museum cannot yet be open, luckily there are local galleries that are allowing private visits. Quint Gallery is one of my favorite local galleries with really impressive contemporary shows.  They currently have some really moving piece up in one of their main gallery spaces and they were nice enough to grant me and Stacy Keck a private visit so we could get an art fix and shoot as well. Below are shoots with my three favorite pieces from the gallery exhibition. No art was harmed in the making of this shoot!

All Photos: Stacy Keck
Location: Quint Gallery
Dress: Jatual Paris 

Adam Belt – “Untitled (Ruach)”

Ruach is the Hebrew word for breath, the life-force of God. This site specific piece is made of natural light, polystyrene foam, epoxy and paint. Over the past decade, Adam Belt has focused his art around the natural forces that course through the universe. In paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, the evanescent is made palpable.










Gisela Colon – Skewed Square (Aqua Gold)

The through-line in Gisela Colon’s work is the concept of the “mutable object;” the blow-molded acrylic sculptures are conceived as variable objects that transmute their physical qualities through fluctuating movement, varied lighting, changing environmental conditions, and the passage of time. Colon is a contemporary artist who has developed a practice of Organic Minimalism, an idiosyncratic sculptural language imbuing life-like qualities into reductive forms.

SK1_9809 copy


SK1_9968 copy



SK1_9941 copy



Ryan McGinness – Untitled (Black Hole, Pearl White 1)

McGinness’ work consists of an amalgam of icons and symbols. Drawing from his background in the design industry, McGinness’ work resolves the clinical graphic aesthetics of media as vast, contemplative fields of intimate meditation. It incorporates strong social commentary on iconography, language, and historical and contemporary symbolism.


SK1_0019 copy




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