We had gotten completely through the planning of the San Diego Museum of Art‘s annual fundraiser Art Alive in 2020 only to have to cancel it just a few weeks in advance when he world shutdown. I felt like I got punched in the gut and then thrown off a cliff. Having worked on a project for more than a year to have it basically thrown away was a very demoralizing experience I hope to never go through again. And then having gone through more than a year without in-person events for someone whose career is in events…well…life was a lot less bright for sure. Needless to say, I was more than looking forward to the 40th anniversary of Art Alive in 2021. Just being “excited” for it isn’t really the right word or sentiment. It was more like obsessive infatuation and anticipation of finally getting to realize something you have been agonizing over for too long. Like being pregnant for 2 years and then finally being in labor; but for a full week. It was quite the build up and an immense challenge with planning this scale of an event with all the uncertainly of what things would look like in June. We worked hard to plan a completely new version of the weekend of events that was sure to be able to happen no matter what the state of the world was. We got so lucky that California “opened” the exact week we were holding our event. We were able to hold our annual black tie Premiere Dinner event which was so thrilling. But in addition to a brand new daytime activation space, we chose to modify this year’s Friday night event to a second dinner called Color Feast that was a bit more youthful and lively than then the dinner the previous night.

The theme this year was color with a masterpiece by Frank Stella at the center of this theme. You can imagine the color-loving freak inside me had so much fun with these designs for the 2 main events. It was a bit of a metaphor with the world coming back into color focus when it had felt drab and gray for so long. I’ll never forget this poignant event year after what we went through and these babies turned out sooooo gorgeous. More thanks than I can express to my amazing Museum events team that supports me and are making a cameo on my blog. These photos only give a taste of the truly magical nights they were!

All Photos: Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers
Floral Stella and Floral Design by: Green Fresh Florals
Production by: PEP Creative
Rentals by: Bright Event Rentals

Premiere Dinner

Featuring the rotunda installation by Beth O’Reilly and the fabric art installation by Rachel Hayes
Dress by Mary Katrantzou

Color Feast

Featuring sculpture installations by Davis McCarty
Skirt and Top by Kitty Joseph

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