Something I used to post a lot about on social media before starting this blog was what I would wear to various exhibition related events. I run the events department at the San Diego Museum of Art and I am well known among the staff for dressing to match the events my team is in charge of. In March we have the opening of the first museum exhibition for British artist Richard Deacon. I had not heard of him before I learned of this impending exhibition, but i have been doing some research and his works are quite amazing. He actually calls himself a “fabricator” not an artist or sculptor due to his use of everyday materials like plywood and metals. I find his large forms to be the most compelling and give me the same feeling as when i first saw Richard Serra’s work.

This one entitled Dead Leg make from twisted oak and steel and Restless made from steamed ash and stainless steel are great examples of my favorite medium he works in…wood.

Image from The Arts Club of Chicago
Image from Lisson Gallery

Both the fact that the works are sculpture and the medium make a really exciting them to choose to mimic in wardrobe. Not wanting splinters in by butt and needing to ability to sit, wearing an actual wood dress doesn’t sound like an option, although this wood dress by designer Yohji Yamamoto is quit the artwork in itself.


Looking for clothing in wood grain print is an option that will evoke a similar feeling but is ever more wearable. Celine had a collection in 2011 that featured wood grain prints as did Rodarte in the same year.


These pieces are gorgeous but are neither affordable nor can I find them on eBay due to the fact the collections were shown so long ago. BCBG also featured a collection with items in a wood grain print. My favorite is this dress that i actually did find on eBay.


Deacon also has some very beautiful pieces in steel, such as this one entitled Congergate. 

image from Lisson Gallery


Metal is always a fun theme for getting dressed up. My mind immediately goes to chainmail which i have seen quite a bit on celebrities lately. This asymmetrical dress by Paco Rabanne looks so light and ethereal for being made out of metal.


This long sleeve mini in chainmail by House of Holland is a warrior-girl winner.



I haven’t quite decided on my fashion direction for the event just yet, but i have until March to decide. either way, I hope to honor with a small nod to the brilliance of this artist.


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