I’m still basking in the exhausted glow of last week’s Art Alive events and the outcome is too good not to share immediately. The exhibition was amazing and the events were the best they have been. I posted previously about my tentative fashion plans and I’m here to reveal the results and the events that inspired them.

The first event was the Premiere Dinner; an over the top black tie affair that this year was dubbed a surreal soirée and inspired by the work of Rene Magritte and other amazing surrealist artists. I commissioned a tree of dreams that encompassed all 4 seasons at once and each of the 4 tables embodied a different season.


I kept my silhouette sleek and simple, but with an interesting drape in this black Alexander Wang. I opted to make my own headpiece made of butterflies to add a whimsical surreal touch.


The entertainment by String Theory added a much needed weird factor in a surreal evening with a 30 foot harp at dinner and dancers during the dessert reception that raised eyebrows in the best way possible.


As as gorg as the event was, when it came to the following night, Bloom Bash left it in the dust. Inspired by a yarn installation  by contemporary artist HOTTEA, this party was my rainbow fantasy event.


Around every corner I added surprises such as an additional music and light subversive and interactive art installation by The Journey Project, LED ping pong abd air hockey, and troupes of dancing light strobing robots.


I opted to stay on there with my hot pink heart patterned fringe 2 piece outfit by the Versace H&M collab. I added neon yellow embellished heels and had my hair professionally coifed into a flower and crown sculpture by Tony Fiorentino.


Needless to say I’m still exhausted, but am so pleased with this year’s Art Alive. I’m already planning 2018 and chat wait to share those plans. Until the next event…


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