This week a couple colleagues and I visited the Wonderspaces; a pop-up Museum of sorts boasting over a dozen interactive art installations from artists all over the world. As museum professionals and art lovers, this was much anticipated for us and it did not disappoint. With contemporary art seeming to lean towards the large scale and experiential, this was very on trend. It was all very Instagram worthy; but that’s not said to discount the talent of these artists, which was very evident to me. While they were all amazing and thought provoking, I have outlined a few of our favorite installations.

Pulse Portal

Before you even enter the tent, you are greeted with an iridescent acrylic arch by artist Davis McCarty called Pulse Portal initially made for Burning Man. It certainly set the tone for what we were about to experience.




I had already seen photos of this installation by Karina Smigla-Bobinski when it was installed at another museum. When I saw it was being featured in this pop-up I was pretty excited so we we headed there first. Its a large plastic ball filled with helium and spiked with charcoal nubs so that when you push it all around it created unique markings on the walls, ceiling and floor; essentially letting the viewer participate in the art making process. It’s an adult playground for sure. You certainly had to watch your clothing but it was a blast. We couldn’t help but jump and play a little dodge ball. Luckily they provide wipes for your hands.


Daydream v2

This one is the hardest to post imagery of as the videos and boomerangs we made give a better sense of the installation. This was easily my favorite one of all for the overwhelmingly intense on-site experience. This audiovisual installation by Nonotak studios shows a synchronized set of moving light projections through a layering of sheer screens that give the light a more seemingly tangible presence. Accompanied by a fantastic pulsing soundtrack, it was really moving and somewhat disorienting.


Sweet Spot

Ever a super fan of a multicolored filament installation, the Sweet Spot work by Shaun Causey and Mark Daniel was a familiar friend. It was meant to give each viewer a unique perspective per location and find their own personal “sweet spot” and their favorite color harmony. Looking through the taut ribbons of color gave one of my colleagues vertigo, but I found many-a-filter for the world I loved.



You + Your Shadows

The space where we goofed off the most was inside the rainbow light projection room dubbed You + Your Shadows by artist Danielle Strl. There’s not much info I can find about the piece or the artist, but it was simple and fun. Headstands, twirls and crazy poses created multiple rainbow shadows at once. Just a beautiful place to be.


Come Together

Last but certainly not least was an installation called Come Together; a perceptual art piece by artist Michael Murphy. Many small chains of stringed painted cylinders created the image of a fist when you hit the right angle from far away. The image as a whole was beautiful and seemed scientifically meticulous. The up close detail of the strands was also a thing of beauty.


The whole experience was unique and fresh…at least for San Diego. Its heading out on tour around the country after it inaugural run here in SD is over. Go see it this weekend because after next weekend its gone.


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