We hadn’t taken a real photo shoot as a family since Chloe was still a zygote. We had an amazing maternity shoot with my good friend Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers, so of course I enlisted him to lend his genius for a new shoot now that our baby is a toddler.

Picking a spot for a shoot that everyone is happy with is always tough. Matt was really interested in picking a spot in Balboa Park. Working there every day I wasn’t too keen on the idea but I can’t deny it’s beauty. I insisted on not using one of the same 5 spots everyone uses though. I remembered there was a lesser known set of gardens called  garden called The Desert Garden and the Inez Grant Parker memorial rose garden across park blvd from the large fountain by the Fleet. There is a small pedestrian bridge that takes you there over the main road.  I’ve always been a fan but few people know it’s there. We chose to shoot just before sunset and the results are gorgeous. Here are a bunch of my favorite shots.





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