Like every other fashion-loving girl in the world, I almost peed my skinny jeans when I saw Saint Laurent’s Niki Crystal Embellished Boots come down the Fall 2017 runway. What’s not to love? But with a 10K price tag and a wait list already many long, this working girl wouldn’t soon see these on her shopping list. I of course immediately set out to hunt down the best look alike I could find.


To my surprise, one google search immediately put the Jessica Simpson Layzer boots at my fingertips. Although they were encrusted with rhinestones and not actual Swarovski crystals, the similarities were too good to pass up; and with only one website carrying these boots my hard-to-find size 11 foot, I didn’t hesitate. I got them in the mail yesterday and I’m head over heels smitten in love with them. I could not wait to put together an outfit.


I have had a tight silver lurex sparkly t shirt dress hanging in my closet for quite awhile. Its a no label buffalo exchange find I bought just before i found out i was pregnant and therefore never wore. I haven’t been body-confident enough to put it on again until just the past few weeks. I have been on a mission to get to my all time fittest weight and I’m so close now i can taste it. I put on the dress and i love it so much again also. Its  a lot of glitter, but i think the dress and boots look great together.



I have personally never been afraid of a  loud, bright or colorful outfit. I was teased sometimes in my small high school for wearing wild and daring clothing but I never backed down and my love for a bold statement has only grown.  I do know that not everyone is as comfortable with this bold of a look nor has as many occasions to wear dressy items as I do week to week because of my job. I found a couple boot options that will add a bit of glitz to an everyday wardrobe without overwhelming the wearer.

I found some of my favorite retailers has some glittery ankle height boots that seemed to fit the bill. Ankle height boots in bold colors or finish take a little less commitment than their knee high or thigh high counterparts would. I find that always has some version of what I’m looking for at an affordable price.  I particularity thought the Miss Selfridge Silver Sequin Boots and the ASOS Admission Ankle Boots really echoed the spirit of Saint Lauren’s dream boots, but in a very approachable way.

Miss Selfridge Sequin Boot
ASOS ADMISSION Wide Fit Pointed Ankle Boots

Fashion for me is all about self expression and having fun. I encourage everyone to try adding something into their wardrobe this season that is just a little bit bolder than you would normally wear and see how it makes you feel. You may find it as liberating as i do. Stay sparkly!


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