I wouldn’t say that I am typically much of an accessories person. If I do, I typically stay in the minimalist frame. I don’t have a bag collection and statement jewelry is few and far between with my looks, but every once in a while a accessory designer really catches my eye.  These days I’m finding so many amazing international designers on Instagram and I recently came across Milko Boyarov; an accessory artist out of Switzerland. I’m a huge fan of lucite and vinyl jewelry and clothing and this guy is a real whiz with clear materials. He offered me some pieces from his bracelet line and I designed this shoot around them. The newly minted Skylight Studios run by my friends at Bauman Photographers was the perfect setting to capture the colorful luminescence I wanted to create with these pieces.

Please do enjoy!!

Also, it must be the lighting but I think I look super buff-zone in some of these photos HAHA!!! Glad the weight lifting isn’t going to waste 😉

Dress: Norma Kamali
Bracelets: Milko Boyarov
All Photos: Bronson of Baumann Photographers
Location: Skylight Studios


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