I’ve been following a couple of really amazing local artists on Instagram for some time but never had a chance to see their work in person.   April Rose (Rainbow Kimono) and Katie Ruiz make the most amazing spectral artwork and have recently opened show entitled Chromatic at Mesa College Art Galley. The show’s featured art is made out of media such as ceramics, fiber art, and wood working and the work really resonates me for other reasons besides the rainbow hue. My own senior show in art school was made up of similar media that are items or practices typically considered “craft” or a “low-art” form and usually what has been considered through time as “woman’s-work.” Bringing these types of pieces into a high-art setting has particular charm for me and these two have done it in such an eloquent way. This show oozes with celebratory femininity and references to woman-kind’s life giving power. My photographer and artist friend Pacifico “PJ” Ortiz Luis was the one who alerted me to the show and we met up a few days ago to check the it out and snap some pics. Throw in a rainbow stripe sparkle dress and the results are really fun. This shoot shows only a small amount of their work so go see this fantastic show at the gallery for sure.

All Photos: PJ @pacifyo

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