“My body is a metronome, keeping time for the universe…“ ~ Pete Wentz

I don’t know much about metronomes. I’m not a musician but I know they aid in keeping  rhythm and time. The subject of time has been on my mind a lot lately. The normal things in my life that make up my personal schedule and rhythm have been stripped away. I feel like i’m floating in space without alarm clocks, commutes, drop off times, office hours, events, and the actual difference between various days of the week. I never realized how my own busy-ness and all the various event marked of my life gave me so much of my purpose and drive. I don’t know about you, but motivation has now become a huge issue for me and manufacturing creative outlet projects has become my new full time job. I am endlessly glad for my blog and Instagram page that have continues to give me a sense of normalcy and community during this time.

The slightly poignant topic of this shoot’s featured art for this particular moment in time  didn’t become apparent to me until afterward. I kind of initially though these 54-foot-high kinetic sculptural forms were both impressive in scale and also just super cute. The artist Christian Moeller himself actually has a lighter-hearted approach to the work “MetroGnome” and it’s its meaning than I was getting out of it in hindsight. He wanted something that reflected that constant coming and going and movement of travelers, but also something a little bit playful. He added a G added into the spelling referencing garden gnomes. Its been described as an “abstract hybrid of a garden gnome and metronome.” So fun!!!!! Art gives me so much happiness and I’m just glad I can keep sharing beautiful shoots and fun artistic insights with you. I really hope every one of you get out of this world-pause what I get out of this art; both deep insights and new playful sense of creativity!  

All Photos: Stacy Keck
Art: MetroGnome by Christian Moeller
Dress: Diane von Furstenberg



















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