What has this quarantine time given you? It feels like it’s taken so much away some days. I waffle between frustration and fear on my worst days. I don’t really like to admit it, but there are in fact positives that have come out of this. I have often wondered, “who am I without my job?” Although I “know” I have value without it, to know something in your head and then to be faced with it head on are two different things. To clarify, I haven’t lost my job….only the very visible and creative part of it that I love so much. That piece of it has been altogether canceled for the foreseeable future and I have had more than a few moments of identity crisis without it.

After the dust settled, I realized this is not a time to give into the boredom, but a time to push myself personally and creatively. I can still be colorful, I can still create…and I can think out of the box even more with this extra time on my hands. This blog has given me that space to connect more deeply with other creatives and make something extraordinary out of the ordinary. I concepted this quarantine shoot with friend Angela of create with gusto who skillfully shot and edited these amazing images. Utilizing my real home as the backdrops and pulling pieces from my own closet and colorful everyday items from around the house, we created a colorful quarantine reality. I like to think of this as my own personal post-apocalyptic world. No studios and no lighting but with a heavy dose of theatrics. I’m in love with our brains!! Living proof that nothing can stop the creative mind. 

All Photos: Create with Gusto


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