When I heard a 68 foot tall double mural was going in on a new apartment building in North Park I was immediately obsessed with creating a shoot. Hannah’s Murals is run by local artist Hannah who in my opinion has one the most expansive and diverse mural portfolios in town. She good at everything! Figurative work, impressionistic work, and as you will see here,  she’s a whiz at geometric fractal art as well! When I saw from her page that the 6 story mural went up and also wrapped around the features on the roof, I was enraptured with this unique location.

I have to admit, I had a failed first attempt at this shoot. I’m generally very selective with the photographers I work with. I build a shared sense of vision with my photographers and they become treasured friends. However they are busy professionals and I will every once in a while try a wildcard. I had another local photographer bugging me to meet up so I decided to give him a shot. Without throwing anyone specific under the bus, I ended up with only 8 photos that were terrible and included no artwork and a blatant refusal to provide any with the art…the entire point of the shoot. I was so so frustrated!!!! They say everything happens for a reason and luckily a superstar stepped in. Bronson is the photographer I have worked with the longest both personally and professionally and he is a great friend of mine. He is a BRILLIANT and it turned out 10000% better than the first try…not that I’m surprised.  Luckily Hannah was also willing to coordinate the roof access again and I’m so jazzed we were able to capture her immense work so well. In a true meeting of the minds, local vintage purveyor Old Fashioned Superstition sourced this 60’s dress for the re-shoot directly inspired by the art. It’s obvious this is how this shoot was supposed to be captured all along and I’m so grateful for my artistic community here in San Diego. 

Mural Art: Hannah’s Murals
All Photos: Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers
Dress: Vintage 60’s from Old Fashion Superstition


























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