I’ve talked a bit before about that gut reaction you have when you see something that resonates with you. Right away you know you want to be near it; know more about it; be a part of it. I feel that it’s the most true for me with art. Art that truly speaks to you individually should illicit an immediate reaction and say something specific to your soul. You also don’t always have to know what the artist intent is in order to garner your own meaning and feel something deep about it. This gut reaction hit me hard when I first came across the art of Peter Halasz. Something about his use of light in his work drew me in immediately and it’s luminescence is unmatched in anything I’ve seen in a long time. I am specifically drawn to his dreamy celestial pieces. They appear to me to be what it would be like to be floating alone inside of a galaxy. Coincidently he has just completed a private commission of a particularly large celestial diptych and I was lucky enough to score private studio visit with Peter to check out these new works before they went to their new home. He allowed Stacy Keck and I to do a mini shoot with these gorgeous pieces. The results in my opinion are some of the most ethereal photos I’ve ever featured. 

All Photos: Stacy Keck
Art: Peter Halasz 
Dress: Blue Metallic Plisse from ASOS

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