I don’t know about you, but staying in one place all the time was starting to get to me so some friends and I decided to do a creative photo shoot day up in LA a couple weeks ago. LA LA land is full of public art, unique architecture and other fun installations and one has been on my photoshoot bucket list for some time. It’s called the Chroma Cabana and its just about the most cheerful space you could think of. The home owner Amanda created this beautiful multicolor greenhouse space in her yard and offers it for others to enjoy and shoot with. This technicolor dream space is what photo dreams are made of offering a magical vortex light and color. I paired the space with a rainbow iridescent dress that would take on the color of whichever section I was in. The host was fantastic and the photos just turned out dreamy. There’s really no deep message here this time around…just color, fashion and fun!

All Photos: Angela of Create with Gusto
Dress: Rainbow iridescent mini dress by MSGM
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Fixton Heels

2 Replies to “Poly-Chroma Cabana”

    1. Hi Sarah-
      It was a delight and a pleasure hosting you and your talented team of creatives. These images are wonderful just like you are! 😍
      Thank you for visiting the space and filling it with inspiration, joy and creativity! You are welcome back anytime! ☺️ Sending lots of rainbow magic your way! xo Amanda


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