I’m hungry these days…very hungry. And the only thing that can quell my hunger is some beautiful and inspired artwork. Thank goodness there are still art spaces in San Diego showing compelling pieces. One of those spaces is Swish Projects; a small but mighty art gallery at the edge of North Park. I only recently became aware of this glorious space, and I am so happy I became acquainted just in time for a new exhibition entitled Like Honey by local artist Amel Janae. Amel’s work examines the human form and self reflection and this new piece is an immersive installation that consists of photographs of the body printed on translucent fabric with an accompanying scent experience. It’s simply delicious!!!!! When I saw the first photograph of the piece I immediately felt that it was the most powerful yet feminine piece I had seen in a long time and it made reflect on my own personal feminity. As I thought about what to wear to shoot with this piece, my first instinct was to put together the most stereotypical feminine outfit with pastel color and flowers. Then in the actual space itself, it became clear to my photographer Angela that, while the outfit looked beautiful, a strip down process needed to happen to adequately capture all parts of this installation. Initially I was filled with insecurity. For me there is definitely a duality in how I see my femininity, but I am generally more comfortable with adding on to my body to express it rather than stripping down to bare female form in itself. Somehow this duality was portrayed perfectly in this dressing up and then stripping down process. I have been thinking a lot about Amel’s piece and immense talent ever since and how the movement, the sensuality and the multi sensory experience of this work gave me this little glimpse inside myself. There’s still a few more days to make an appointment to go see this piece in person at Swish Projects. If you are currently hungry for some poignant art, this will quench it quick!

All Photos: Angela of Create with Gusto
Art: Amel Janae‘s installation Like Honey at Swish Projects
Blue Dress by PASKAL

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