I am pretty much always on the lookout for art in my city. It’s a veritable mission for me to find the most hidden and unique art around to feature here. Its like an art treasure hunt and it seems there is always more to be found which makes it really exciting. It’s the most fun when I find something that is not accessible to the public and I am able to gain access and shine a light on something that is usually hidden away. Something I am seeing more and more is business and housing developers hiring artists to add their work in private communal areas for their employees or residents. I think the importance being placed on contemporary art additions to private spaces is fantastic….but I’m art obsessed so I want access to it all! Haha! Luckily I have met some really lovely people at these businesses who almost always let me come shoot with the pieces that inspire me. Downtown SD has many of these hidden gems within the condo and apartment developments that seem to be springing up daily. One I had gotten wind of was a series of large murals by Molotov Gallery throughout the parking garage of Urbana Living in East Village. I managed to find a couple photos and I knew right away I wanted to feature them. Luckily the Urbana staff were very accommodating and let Bronson and I in to shoot. The work of artist Marc Sandoval of Molotov Gallery is super graphic and retro feeling and the ones in the garage are super striking and mostly feature images of beautiful women paired with funky and fun, yet cliché sayings. It feels almost comic book like and I wanted to feel like a badass femme fatale from a comic book so I went just as graphic with the fashion as the artist did with the murals. I am so stoked with the culmination of this most recent treasure hunt. Forever looking for the next treasure!

All Photos: Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers
Mural Art: Molotov Gallery by Marc Sandoval at Urbana Living
Outfit 1: Dress by Solace London
Outfit 2: Vintage Bustier and Ballgown Skirt by Eliza J

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