We’ve all heard it and felt it; 2020 sucked and it doesn’t feel like 2021 is going to get any better…at least for the first few months. Whatever your experience has been, we can all agree that everyone has experienced loss in some form. I have been reflecting a lot on what has happened over the past year and I really don’t want to focus on the loss because despite it all I have also experienced positive things. And despite it all I have seen perseverance prevail in many areas of life and our community. I have mentioned before that being able to experience art in person is key to my creative process and something I have really missed having an abundance of opportunity to encounter. Luckily there are local artists and art purveyors that haven’t slowed down. I was lucky enough to be able to shoot at the main Quint Gallery earlier in 2020 and was so impressed with the art and the experience. The Quint team opened a second location in 2020 in La Jolla called ONE where they feature a single piece of art at a time in their main space. At the end of the year they had some pretty inspiring pieces up and they allowed me to come check them out for a private visit and shoot with Angela from Create with Gusto. The 2 works featured below greatly inspired me and I paired some fashion. There is still light in this world and I harness but of it for myself through small uplifting experiences like this one. My hope for you in the new year is that you can capture some small moments and extract some joy and light for yourself even amidst the dark times.

All photos by Create with Gusto
2 Photos of Art work alone from the Quint Gallery Website
Dress inspired with Lang work: Marc Jacobs
Dress paired with McGinness work: 80’s Vintage from Buffalo Exchange

Gary Lang
Featured Work: BLUELIGHTNINE, 2016

Info on Gary Lang from the Quint Website: “GARY LANG is a prolific artist, creating work in a vein of repetition that is similar to the practice of meditation. Once one enters the visual world of Gary Lang, there is a vast universe to be explored. In his most recent series – BLUELIGHT, these seemingly mechanical paintings are a concentration on color, light, and form. Each painterly circular line is carried out with immense detail and thoroughness. These hand-painted layers trick the eye with slight gradients that create optical illusions. It is as if the viewer’s eyes become a tuning fork for the occipital lobe, which then undulates upon the viewer’s perception. Furthermore, each color and hue in these dazzling paintings interacts with the next to hit all notes in perfect harmony.”

Ryan McGinness

Info on Ryan McGinness from the Quint Website: “RYAN MCGINNESS’ work consists of an amalgam of icons and symbols. Drawing from his background in the design industry, McGinness’ work resolves the clinical graphic aesthetics of media as vast, contemplative fields of intimate meditation. It incorporates strong social commentary on iconography, language, and historical and contemporary symbolism.”

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