Anyone who knows me well and has been in my home knows that I have a deep obsession with the Midcentury Modern aesthetic. Not only is Modern my favorite era of art, but all of the furniture in my home is authentic vintage midcentury. I also have a hefty collection of midcentury decor, bar ware, glassware and dish ware. I don’t often get to feature this part of my design sense in my blog and Instagram except for the occasional piece from my vintage clothing collection, but this part 2 blog of my recent Palms Springs shoot gives me just that chance. I have often thought of this era of architecture to be equal in allure to the well-loved painting and sculpture of the same time for me. This has made Palm Springs a visual playground with its abundance of modern lines and midcentury sensibility. In fact, I often tell people that if money was no object and I could have a vacation home anywhere, I would hands down pick one of the midcentury treasures in Palm Springs. I was lucky enough to have my new friend Jev scout an absolutely charming location for this architecture shoot at the Noia building. Right in the heart of Downtown PS, this building is full of vintage character and holds some hidden gems if you know where to look. I was hard pressed to find much info about the building itself online, but after searching for a couple hours, what I could find is that the building was designed and built in 1965 by architect Richard Harrison and was completely remodeled in 2016. It’s a very classic example of the mid 1960’s architecture that Palms Springs is known for. I’m unsure if the repainted color scheme of the building and lobby was restoring it to its original design, but it was an amazing and appealing choice either way. And thanks to the photo direction of Jev, this shoot tells a fun little story filled with mystery and whimsy and one that takes you back in time.

All Photos: JevPic
Dress, Bag and Sunglasses: Vintage 60’s from M Vintage in Palm Springs

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