I have featured the work of Monty Montgomery on my blog many time. He’s an amazing artist and good friend I met when he had his studio here in SD. We connected over our very a similar aesthetic…We both love bold graphics, geometric hard-edges and a rainbow color palette. He recently moved his studio to another city, but he comes back often for work. When he told me he was coming back last month to paint mural on the patio of Sparks Gallery downtown, I planned a shoot immediately. Picking fashion to go with Monty’s work always gives me the opportunity to do some over the top pattern play. This shoot was no exception and the shoot location overall had some delicious contrast with the brick walls and black metal spiral staircase. I really love how it came out and of course it was all brought together by the queen of the wide lens herself Angela of Create with Gusto. We also managed to pull Monty in for a shot! I just love my art community ❤️

All Photos: Create With Gusto
Art: Geo #120 by Monty Montgomery
Sweater: Paco Rabanne
Pants: Dita by Mara Hoffman
Sunglasses: Supa Phreek Rainbow by Crap Eyewear
Shoes: Hand painted by Monty

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