There are certain places that when you visit they stick with you. Palm Springs is one of those places for me. Living only a couple hours away, I visited many times as a child but I went a very long time without spending any time there. I rediscovered it about 6 years ago and fell in love with it all over again. Now I visit at least 3 times a year. Something about the desert has always called to me and Palm Springs has the most perfect balance of desert wilderness and artistic temperament. It also is the home to the most amazing mid century design and talented artists of all medium.

Having visited so many times recently, I have done much exploration of the scene and started to make some amazing local connections there. My most recent and probably favorite connection so far is the artist and photographer Everette Soloman known professionally as Jevpic. We had connected on my last trip this past summer, however time didn’t permit us to collaborate. So on my trip to the area last week, we coordinated a time to shoot in the area. The feature of this part one blog post of our shoot together is with his new installation for “The Sand Pit” near the Rowan Palm Springs entitled the Faultline Meditation. It’s an introspective piece that meditates on choosing a pathway through life in the form of the San Andreas Fault. He poignantly states “the fault is just a fault; It was here before us and It will be here after us. It’s not a lot passing the buck, it is about respecting it, learning from it, growing, and then moving on.” He’s equally talented with his installation art as he is with his photography and he is also just the most effervescent personality I have met in a very long time. I enjoyed this shoot so much and I can’t wait to also share our part 2 shoot soon!

All Photos: Jevpic
Art: Faultline Meditation by Jevpic
Dress: Christopher Kane

The other two art installations in the pit were too amazing to not shoot with then while we were there so I grabbed another dress I had in my suitcase and we got some seriously luminous shots. Sometimes the unintentional can be so beautiful.

Sculptures: Babies by David Cerný
Mural: Line Segments by Ryan Campbell
Dress #2: Lanvin for H&M

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