I’ve always had a grand love for public art and have often been heard saying that it shouldn’t be allowed to have plain walls in this city. Through this past summer I felt like there was a bit of a lull in the mural and street art creation…or at least the type that really tickle my personal art-nerve and have felt a lack of shoot inspo. As people are finally getting back to work and the temperatures begin to cool, I feel the public art market starting to pick up again. My nerve got a super tickle when I saw a fresh colorful geometric mural in Hillcrest. This new 50’ mural called “A New Path” by artist Regan Russel shows a winding colorful 3-dimensional path made up of isomeric shapes. A cool concept that added some much needed spice to a bland corner of the city and very in-line with the op-art influx thats been my recent obsession. I love the results of this shoot and am looking forward to another Fall full of colorful art.

All Photos: Create with Gusto
Dress: Fyodor Golan
Mural Art: Regan Russell for Art Reach San Diego

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