I often write about the art on Museum’s gallery walls, but I don’t often feature the buildings themselves. Its no secret that Palm Springs has become a place that is like a second home to me, but also its small but dazzling art museum has also quickly become one of my favorite art spaces. The Museum’s main space was originally built in 1958 by the two local architecture firms, Williams, Williams, and Williams and Clark, Frey and Chambers. Williams constructed the museum out of concrete mixed with Warmtone cement and several aggregates. Long expanses of concrete panels were hammered to expose the aggregate. For cladding, Williams sought a lightweight material with colors sympathetic to the adjacent mountainside. The entire building is a mid century architectural gem with its amazing stepped entryway, its corrugated cement details and its charming sculpture garden, but it was the first moment I encountered the original stairway to the bottom floor my breath was literally taken from me. I envision a stairway like this when I picture an ascent to heaven. While some may objective find it gaudy, I personally find its circular descent on orange shag carpet crowned with the angelic starburst chandelier a visual delight. I don’t want to wax poetic too long about a set of stairs, so pleeeease just enjoy this visual poetry created with my friend Everette during an afternoon we spent together at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

All Photos: Everette Solomon (Jev Pic)
All Fashion: Vintage

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