Dopamine is an important brain chemical that influences your mood and feelings of reward and motivation. Dopamine Dressing is putting on clothes in such a way that it actually lifts your mood and gives you an overwhelming sense of happiness. Whether you can actually dress yourself happy is a much debated subject, but I have experienced it firsthand and I have done this for a long time without actually having the terminology. Maybe we aren’t all wired this way, but what I’m wearing has always given me my emotional armor for the day. If I need a little lighthearted positivity I’ll throw on something with a lot of bright color and a little whimsy…or if I need to take on a particularly hard day and feel like a BOSS I’ll put something on with hard edges or something in darker tones with a hint of subtle sexiness. When I feel like I am accurately represented my mood with fashion I feel like I can actually change the mood of others around me also. I use this method when shopping and picking partnerships as well. My blog is all about delivering inspiration or happiness through art, color and fashion and I really like to work with others who have a similar outlook. I can honestly tell you I had an instant rush of dopamine the minute I came across the work of Jordan Piantedosi. She is an interdisciplinary artist who uses her artwork in the creation of, as she calls them, “bizarre textiles” to use in what I find to be the most joyful pieces I have come across in a long while. I was instantly drawn to this effervescent print with strawberries, brains, teeth and a hefty dose of pink and putting this ensemble on is the definition of dopamine dressing. Anywhere I wear this people stop me to comment on how happy it makes them which makes me feel like a walking piece of art. Angela from Create with Gusto and I paired it with this equally happiness-infused mural by local muralist Panca and it was really a match made in heaven the gets all the joy juices flowing.

I would encourage everyone to use a little more feeling when they are shopping for clothes. If you feel body positive and emotionally boosted wearing something, there is no better feeling and even more of your positive energy will shine to those around you. At the end of the day I don’t like to take it all too seriously and I feel like having fun with fashion makes me dressed for success no matter what the day holds.

Outfit: Jordan Piantedosi
All Photos: Create With Gusto
Mural Art: Panca

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