I am always full of hope and renewed inspiration at the beginning of the year. Its a chance to look back and take stock of the successes and learn from any failures. 2021 held many more blessings than it did hardships, and despite the many difficulties we are still constantly being faced with in this pandemic world, I am glad it hasn’t managed to stifle my creativity. I generally like to start the year with a back-to-my-blog-roots kind of post. Something that is pure candy for me….something with lots of color, a bit of attitude and vibrant energy. That usually means a really bright new public mural paired with an intensely colorful outfit to match. Luckily I made some fantastic new connections in the fashion world at the end of the year and I am excited to use this first post of 2022 for some seriously delicious colorful fashion by up and coming brand Bruce Glen Collection. Started by twin brothers Bruce & Glen Proctor, its a fully sustainable clothing line that is bright, bold and full of electrified color combinations. They are proving green fashion doesn’t have to be beige. Paired with a stunning new high contrast floral mural by local group Mindful Murals, these photos embody some serious mixed print madness. My heart is full as I embark into 2022 and I cannot wait to share whats in store for this next year of art and fashion.

All Photos: Create with Gusto
Mural Art: Mindful Murals
Outfit: Bruce Glen Collection

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