Everyone knows I hate big blank walls and I always wish public art would fill any wall or open space of any kind. Luckily I have recently noticed that many property developers and real estate groups are incorporating large-scale visible artwork into their building design plan from the beginning. Its a way to bring beauty into a community that affects everyone around a property positively, whether they are living or working inside a building or not. No one is doing this better in town than Kilroy Realty. Their CEO John Kilroy is a long-time art lover and supporter, and has brought an impressive portfolio of art installations to their properties commissioned from artists around the world. Their new property in the heart of Little Italy is a 23,000 sq. ft. office and retail building called 2100 Kettner and is a shining example of prioritizing the incorporation of art into building projects and into everyday life. The property features 6 new highly visible art installations that not only beautify the building itself, but also the neighborhood around it. I have been watching as this building is nearing completion and I knew I wanted to highlight this space on my blog. I picked my two favorite art installations on the property to shoot with and their bright color palettes really bring me so much joy. I hope the surrounding community and the future tenants of this building will also feel this same joy every day!

All Photos: Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers
Dresses : Boo Pala London
Shoes: Larroude

“To walk around in your mind awhile. Everything as it is and where it was meant to be”

Painter Paul Wackers completed an indoor/outdoor staircase installation that ascends multiple floors. Each flight of the staircase portrays a different scene featuring trees and potted plants with multicolor patterned backgrounds.

“Keep Going”

“Keep Going” is the largest installation at 2100 Kettner. This rainbow fabric mural takes up a large chunk of the property’s train-facing wall at a whopping 26 feet tall by 80 feet wide.

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