I love San Diego! The fine art and street art alike are top notch, but sometimes I just need to explore the art in a new city. This summer has luckily afforded me many opportunities to see what’s happening in the art world in several other cities. I often call these Art Adventures! It’s always easy and fun to take a quick jaunt up north to LA to take in the world-class Museum scene in LA, so a few weeks ago Angela Garzon, Stefanie Bales and I went up for a girls’ creative overnight did just that. One place I had never been but always wanted to check out was MOCA in downtown LA. Often overshadowed by its colossal neighbor, The Broad, I had not heard many reviews of this Museum. I was pleasantly surprised at the facility and impressed with collection and the abundant well-curated immersive installations. Two of the installations I was most excited to see work with light play, so armed with a sheer red vinyl coat by Domdrich, we did a photo shoot with some super high-key drama for these photo moments I’m obsessed with!

Art: Bill and Coo at MOCA’s Nest by Larry Bell and Suprasensorial. Experiments in Light, Color and Space by Carlos Cruz-Diaz
All Photos: Create with Gusto
Coat: Domdrich

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