Im so excited to finally share this post. I have become a super fan of artist Laurie Shapiro’s work after connecting with her on Instagram, and when I visited Phoenix a couple months ago, I was lucky enough to get private access to her permanent installation The Joy of Purpose at an arts and music collective in the downtown area called Walter Studios. This was the piece that first inspired me so much that I reached out and I was so jazzed to get to see it and shoot privately. I was not disappointed as her work in this space is a color lovers dream and the immersive aspect of it was executed to perfection. I was even more lucky to have Laurie create me a hand painted dress to match the piece to shoot in the space.

I’m excited to officially announce that Laurie will be one of the Art Alive 2023 featured artists and will be showcasing brand new work at the event in San Diego. This is your sneak peek of the wonderment that will be coming!

Art: The Joy of Purpose by Laurie Shapiro at Walter Studios

Dress: Hand Painted by Laurie Shapiro

All Photos: Ashley Betkouchar

One Reply to “The Joy of Purpose”

  1. Willy Wonka-esque perfection!! I’m inspired to ‘florify’ this with botanical wonder. Love the dress too. Visually exciting art for Art Alive!


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