Like a culture treasure hunter, I thrive on not only knowing where all of the great public work is in town and where all of the best Gallery and Museum spaces are, but I really love finding those special hidden art treasures…the ones that are little known but worth doing the digging to find. Such is this this little treasure by local artist Cheryl Sorg called Rainbow Connection tucked in an elevator in the art department at Mesa College. I try and closely follow all of the best art talent here in San Diego and when she posted this gem I knew it was worth a feature; not just because of the unique location but because her application of tape as medium is some of the best I’ve seen. I also have an affinity for circular-shaped art and eyes so this special elevator feels like it will take me to my own personal magical art land if I wish hard enough. Mesa College has quite the fine art gallery on campus as well so its well worth the trip to see what’s on view as well as taking a short trip on this elevator. Angela of Crete with Gusto really captured my Barbie-on-a-trip look in this amazing Imad Eduso all pink metallic dot outfit and matching Olivia Divine accessories. It’s giving Barbie-core goes hard-core bonkers for art!

Art: Rainbow Connection by Cheryl Sorg
All Protos: Create with Gusto
Outfit: Imad Eduso
Accessories: Olivia Divine

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